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notebook // lake

June 2010



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Jun. 11th, 2010

notebook // lake


So I've lost 20 lbs so far. It's going really well, I really, really love it.

We bought a new laptop today because our other one broke. It's an hp. I love it :D! It has a webcam, expect pictures of my new hair ;). We dyed it more vibrant red and added a dark brown panel on the right side. I love it. Only wish we did it before the hair show last weekend.

The hair show was so so so so much fun. I bought some goodies including my new Paul Mitchell blowdryer that is super light.

Nothing much new. Work and school. I did, in fact, kick ass in color class. So yeah <3

Apr. 22nd, 2008

notebook // lake

My Life, My World, My Journal

My name is Taryn, but when I'm online I prefer to be called Fame. Silly, I know. It started when I was 10(?), when that movie Strangeland came out and parents freaked about giving away personal info online. My screen name was FamedStarDust and I swear to you I wanted to be a famous actress with all my being. So, from the point that's where Fame popped up and it's stuck with me ever since.

I'm 19 years old, living with my 19 year old boyfriend, Mason. We moved out of my mom's house back in July because there was no privacy and I began to resent people for it. Right now we're renting a house from my dad, trying to sell that house, and trying to buy a smaller house. The house I'm currently in used to be my mom's house (my parents are divorced) and when I was 14 my dad won it in court. It's interesting being 19 and living in the house you grew up in. Anyways, it's been really stressful living on our own and coming up with rent, but we're trying. My mom tries to talk me back into moving in with her on a weekly basis but I want to keep trying on my own.

I've been a yo-yo dieter forever. I lose the weight, and gain it back. I'm currently trying to lose, an am following the Atkins diet. However, I hate exercise. Go figure. Someone buy my a hoopnotica hoola-hoop!

Let's get back to my boyfriend. Like I said, his name is Mason and he's also 19. We met when I was 16 and had a very tumultuous 6 month summer fling. He broke my heart, he lied to me. Despite everything that went on when I finally said it was over, he stepped up. Trying to NOT be stupid I turned him down several times, and finally broke down to give him a try. He completely changed into everything I could of ever wanted. We've been together for 2 years now, and have lived together for over a year. I love him.

I work as a server at Chili's, a job that I really do not care for. However, it's a job that pays the rent. My mother, my aunt, and Mason also work there. You could say my family rules that restauraunt. I am going to start school in January for cosmetology. I want to do hair.

I have my mother (Kathy), my dad (Scott), a stepdad (Aaron), an older sister (Dacia), an estranged brother (Travis), his evil new wife (Jessica), their baby on the way (Rowan or Alice), two little step sisters (Kilah and Aleyah), a Grandmother that my mom lives with (Grandma Rae), a dog (Lucky), and two cats (Precious), a best friend (Evelyn), our "couple" friends (Dave and Alissa), and our ex-roomate who was our other "couple" friends (Jordan and Leo). These people, along with Mason, are the constants in my journal.

I tend to be obsessive fan girl at times. I have so many interests that I like to dive myself into. To name some of my "obsessions", the most current would have to be Twilight. I am Team Edward, but I want Jacob for myself. I can't tell if I ship them more, or if I like him more. In conclusion, yes, I love Twilight. Before Twilight came along (and even after) I was/am a die-hard X-Men fan. I'm a Rogue fan, and you better believe I ship Romy. Scogue sucks. I love, love, love Disney. If I could, I'd go to Disney World every month since it's only two hours away. I've taken up collecting the Precious Moment's Disney collection. I also collect snow globes, and have since I was a toddler. Not just the Disney version, but in it's entirety, I'm an Alice in Wonderland fan. Read the books, seen the movies, play American McGee's Alice. I'm the original creator of a_wonderland. Ugly Betty is one of the best shows ever. I also tend to watch any reality show on VH1, it's my guilty pleasure. There's so many other things that make me tick but this is just to name a few.

Online, I used to be an avid Neopet's player. I got myself a Krawk and then just stopped playing. I maybe check my account 3 times a year out of boredom. I also love, love, love Gaia online but last Christmas someone gave me items and Gaia froze my trading until they could remove them (idk, maybe they were hacked) and has still not unfroze my trading. I made a second account, but I'm a little peeved that my account with the devil tail isn't fully functional. I haven't been on much since. I make loads, and loads of icons but just haven't had time to as of late.

Well, that's just the brunt of myself. I plan on using this journal to make more online friends (which I miss), and to join in some communities. If you've taken the time to read this whole thing you might as well add me just for your dedication, haha. Everything else after this will be friends only. Feel free to comment and add.